Preferred Powder Coating utilizes a nano-technology conversion coating in both our automated and batch paint systems. This process, known as EPP "Enhanced Performance Pretreatment" is a conversion coating process developed to replace the outdated iron and zinc phosphate conversion coatings. 

The EPP process allows Preferred Powder to compress the surface preparation which allows us to meet and exceed the pretreatment needs of high performance powder products and customer specifications for multi-metal applications including all RoHS and WEEE legislative directives. 

Preferred Powder Coating utilizes CNC automated monitoring with real-time and continuous automatic chemical adjustment to ensure our surface preparation system is always properly balanced. Computer screens throughout the organization display the specific operating parameters of each washer stage. At the same time, the automatic pumping system maintains the preset chemical balances. 



If you can't clean a part correctly, you can't paint it successfully. Preferred Powder has long understood the value of having sound business practices and subsequently invested in the most advanced process monitoring and chemical control available. We dynamically monitor our chemical dilution ratios much tighter than manufacturers suggest with tightened tolerances our system corrects automatically in real time. There is a manual backup to check the information constantly. It is not performed by the powder coating line but by our maintenance department to verify the accuracy of the system. This is true for both the cleaning and the titration cycles. It allows is to run consistently in a very tightly controlled band guaranteeing good adhesion as well as a good surface finish.

PPC can generate over 10,000 gallons of Reverse Osmosis (RO) water per day to help control all aspects of our chemical cleaning composition as well as provide a completely neutral rinse. 

This information is live, stored in the cloud, and available for any customers to view upon request. 



Preferred's Top Ten List

  1. Wash and Pre-Treatment - five thorough stages of wash, treatment and two rinses; seven stages total optimize the condition of your finished product. All using our Reverse Osmosis (RO) generation ability to ensure a repeatable process.

  2. Powder Selection - choose from over 700 *stocked* powders and textures in Epoxy, Hybrid, TGI C, or sitcom formulating for specific use. 

  3. Powder Application - get unsurpassed finished quality with our two CNC controlled GEMA in line powder booths, located in a climate controlled powder room. 

  4. History and Part Files - computerized records, histories, digital photos, and part files outline specific instructions, areas of concern, and process completion. 

  5. Documentation - advanced ERP computerized system to provide ISO 9001:2015 services and the ability to control work receiving, processing, and shipments with well-developed history tracking ability. 

  6. Batch System - to provide full service to our customers, we have a batch paint operation to handle those products not suitable to in-line production. 

  7. Full Graphics Department - provides in house graphic design as well as manufacturing of vinyl graphics. Another value-added service to complete your product. 

  8. Packaging/Assembly - careful packaging and secure, convenient shipping to your business. 

  9. Pick-Up and Delivery - receiving, storing, and shipping your products. 

  10. Quotations - please email Derek Ramacher at or call 763.428.4990 for a quote. 



We purchase and stock over 700 powders from almost every manufacturer. Please click on the manufacturer link to view their powders/textures/colors. Colors may vary depending on your computer monitor settings. We can match colors and provide sample chips for exact color.







Preferred Powder Coating works with a variety of industries that require premium finish for their quality products. The use of our high-quality facility helps their products stand out from the crowd.

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Examples of the Parts/Products we Powder Coat

  • Air Conditioner Housing and Brackets

  • Aircraft Parts

  • Air Purifier

  • Aluminum Decking, Railings, and Clips

  • Athletic and Exercise Equipment

  • ATV/Ice Fishing Hulls

  • ATV Winch Mounts, Brackets, Racks, Door Frames, Brush Guards, and Bumpers

  • BBQ Grill Components (both low and high temperature)

  • Bicycle Racks and Frames

  • Cabinet Hardware

  • Computer Tablet Security Brackets and Displays

  • Computer Server Racks

  • Curtain Rods

  • Electrical Enclosures

  • Fire Pit Rings (high temperature)

  • Fireplace Fronts (high temperature)

  • Florescent Overhead Light Fixtures

  • Generator Covers, Panels, and Brackets

  • Laboratory Equipment

  • Ladder Racks for Trucks and Vans

  • Lawnmower Decks

  • Liquid Paint Sprayer Covers

  • License Plate Frames

  • Medical Equipment 

  • Motorcycle Handle Bars, Frames, Gas Tanks, Crankcases, and Wheels

  • NHL and College Hockey Goals

  • OEM Parts

  • Paint Shakers

  • Patio Furniture

  • Pipe Clamps

  • Playground Equipment

  • Retail Store Fixture Displays

  • Snow Plow Blades

  • Stadium Seat Mounts and Railings

  • Store Front panels, Signs (indoor and outdoor)

  • Trailers

  • Tubes

  • Vent Covers

  • Washer, Nuts, and Bolts

  • ​Wheelchair Guards, Foot Pedal, and Accessories​​

Our Batch areas can handle weights up to 3,500 pounds.

Our powder lines have windows of 42" x 76" x 120" and 36" x 76" x 120". Contact us for maximum part limits. 

Our batch area can handle parts as large as 7' x 7' x 25'